I am not what happened to me. I am who I choose to become. – Carl Jung

Mary’s Archetypal Chart of Origin

Casting Your Archetypal Chart of Origin

Understanding your archetypes, while enlightening and very useful, is only a fraction of the magic in the study of archetypes. It is when you marry the archetypal character with the appropriate house in your wheel that deep healing and self-realization transpire.

Learn more about how understanding your Archetypes can help you turn life’s provocations into transformation!

“Working with Margaret on my archetypes has been very illuminating for me. She has given me a new perspective on why certain patterns have repeated themselves in regards to relationships throughout the years. Bringing the archetypes into perspective has helped me make decisions that are having a profound impact on my future from an empowered state of mind and heart. I am beginning to see when a particular archetype is running the show for me unconsciously, and I can use this information in a way that decreases reactivity and allows me to move forward in a centered and grounded manner. I am making decisions that are best for me and serve the greater good of all involved, even when those decisions result in others being unhappy or uncomfortable with my choices. My emotional need to please others and be in their good graces is being trumped by my commitment to empower myself and really create the life I want to live and the life that wants to be lived through me. Margaret’s support and wisdom throughout this process has been exactly what I needed to enter into this next phase of my life with courage, clarity, and patience.”

J.W. – Ithaca, NY