About Me

Margaret Snow Life Coach

Margaret Snow Certified Life Coach

Margaret is a Certified Life Coach and Reiki Master who helps her clients navigate life when it becomes difficult to move on from “bumps in the road” and release repetitive, negative patterns.

In addition to personally tailored sessions, the her Deeper Look Program is a series of ten sessions structured to methodically illuminate the truth of who you really are. Core components of this program include meditation, a look at your astrological chart, dream work through embodied imagination, archetypal analysis, gentle movement and reiki designed to bring your body into harmony. These sessions are for you if you want to gain knowledge and confidence in who you are so that when life pings at your ego structures, you are not knocked off balance. You’ll find these sessions will help you dig deeply, in a focused manner, to find keys to areas of your life that quite possibly were not previously considered or even accessible to you.

Margaret’s coaching started when she was a licensed New York State Realtor and Instructor. In that capacity, she found that she was coaching her clients through one of the biggest stresses in life, was calming their fears, helping them find balance, negotiating personalities and providing comfort in helping her clients find home. She helped her clients avoid “carrying baggage” from one home to the next.

She has a degree from SUNY in Business Administration, and has worked with and learned from top coaches and consultants in a variety of fields, giving her a toolbox from which to serve her clients. Her coaching, therefore, is not a one-size-fits-all, but is tailored to meet the particular needs of individual clients.

Are you tired of carrying baggage, entertaining negative thought and belief patterns, reliving past stories that have kept you stuck? Instead of your life controlling you, find out how you can control your life.

Whatever peace, comfort and balance look like to you, Margaret can help you find it.