QueenArchetypeYou’ve heard over and over again that when women are strong in managerial roles they are referred to as a the “B” word, but their male counterparts are thought to be great leaders.

I have a strong theory on this. Women often try to emulate men, and we generally can’t pull it off. Here is the crux of the matter: We are not supposed to. It was never intended that we pattern ourselves after men, even in a so called “man’s world.”

Women are designed to work with their own archetypal patterns. A successful female Entrepreneurial Archetype shouldn’t look like the male version. When they do it wreaks havoc. Think Meryl Streep in the movie, The Devil Wears Prada. As an Archetypal Consultant in the workplace, I’ve seen it many times. Women are not using the strength of their own archetypal energies, due to that fact that most often they are not aware which archetypes they possess, let alone how to work with them.

We’re each born with a set of archetypal patterns (some of mine include Rebel, Pioneer, Healer) and these “personalities” stay with us throughout our entire lives. Our strength comes from knowing how to use the light side of these archetypes instead of their shadow side. It is when we harness the energy of the light side of these energies, we unleash the power of our archetypes and succeed on our own terms.