In the 1960s, Brian Wilson of the Beachboys wrote Good Vibrations in response to his mother stating that dogs bark in response to human’s bad vibrations. This led him to embark upon the study of limbic resonance – the theory that your nervous system and brain chemistry change in response to those around you. Good Vibrations took 8 months to produce, and its cost to produce is the most expensive single recorded to date. During this same time frame David Hawkens, author of Power vs Force, was studying and calibrating human vibrations/energy via applied kinesiology. He noted in his book that studies done of participants in AA who no longer associated with their sponsor and resumed listening to heavy metal or violet rap relapsed into their addictive behaviors. Who we decide to associate with, what we listen to, and our environment in general has everything to do with our energetic frequency.

This by no means is meant to suggest that our outer life controls the quality of our energy. The saying still holds, “As within, so without.”  These outer behaviors manifest what we hold within. The path leading us to “good vibrations” are practices that keep us mindful and vibrant. It’s an interesting word, “vibrant.” It is from the early 17th century from Latin vibrant- ‘shaking to and fro.’