I’ve been in conversation of late with friends regarding different kinds of “knowing.” Some are mainly tuned into verbal cues. Some glean their information by non-verbal cues, i.e., body language or facial expression. Still others are more cerebral, and their knowledge is gained from books, research, various media – information that is open and tangible. Still others have a sort of sixth sense upon which they rely heavily. Of course, not everyone “knows” via one specific method all of the time, but rather through a combinations of their senses.

Recently my husband and I listened to a 23-hour book on tape over several long road trips. At the end of the book the reader said  “…and the aliens said the three words we on earth have been waiting to hear…”

Margaret Snow Life Coach

How Do You Know?

Before the narrator spoke the words, I said them aloud, and was dead on. My husband’s eyes widened with amazement. “I could write this stuff,” I told him. I don’t profess special psychic ability, but when I listen – really listen, I can generally hear the back story. Alas, focus isn’t always my strong suit so it’s hit or miss.

I had someone in my office last week who told me one morning he had his hands on a file and had the fleeting thought he should take it with him. It didn’t make logical sense, so he dismissed the instinct. Sure enough, while driving in his car later that morning a client called – the client whose file he dismissed as unimportant to add to his briefcase. “That stuff happens to me all the time,” he told me.

I’ve started writing a little advice column in The Lansing Star Online, and my first column was about a woman who wrote in asking for relationship advice. She felt a definite bodily sensation around the subject that she wasn’t listening to. That feeling in the pit of her stomach was giving her advice and information. That was really all the advice she needed.

In today’s society, it’s unfortunate that “scientifically provable knowledge” is more highly respected than any other form of intelligence. If you give someone information, and they ask, “how do you know?” they generally want the type of answer that would hold up in court. Otherwise, it has no value.

How do you know?

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