One of my current projects is to bring reiki to medical facilities in Ithaca and surrounding areas. Here is a quote from the ultrasonographer at a medical facility regarding the reiki I provided during a breast biopsy procedure. “I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed meeting you today. I was amazed to see how RELAXED, the patient became at the start of her procedure and how she maintained this feeling throughout. Most patients will flinch and experience some level of pain. She did not change her facial expression or tense up in any way! I feel this would be an asset to every single patient we see.” I also provided this wonderfully compassionate and skilled nurse with a few minutes of reiki so she could better understand the calming effect of this medically complementary modality. This was her response. “I was grateful to you also for letting me experience your gift of reiki! I felt a sense of warmth in your hands and tingling all the way to my toes, prompting me to realize how tense I had been holding my lower body. My feet some ten minutes later still feel warm and tingly.  Thank you again for sharing this with me.” – Tricia Bennett, Ultrasonographer

Many prestigious hospitals in nearby cities, such as Syracuse, and all across the United States are currently offering Reiki. As one medical facility puts it, “The focus of offering Reiki in hospitals is to bring compassion and humanity back into the patient’s experience. Additionally, at a time when patients can feel passive in their care, Reiki offers a sense of empowerment. By choosing to receive Reiki, patients can actively participate in their healing process.”  Patricia Alandydy, Portsmouth Hospital Program, New Hampshire

Studies have shown that patients receiving reiki in a hospital setting has resulted in the following benefits to the patient:

  1. Reduction of stress, anxiety
  2. Promoting feeling of control and engagement in own wellbeing
  3. Promoting trust between patient and caregiver(s)
  4. Additive benefit to conventional drug therapies potentially allowing reduced medication, fewer side effects and toxicities
  5. Possible shorter recovery times

I could talk at length (and have!) about the potential benefits of bringing reiki into a medical setting. If you would like to receive reiki during a medical treatment, we would first need to secure permission from your physician. If you or your doctor have questions, I would be happy to answer them. And, if you or your organization would like to hear my presentation about the benefits of reiki for the patient, caregiver, and hospital or medical facility, I am at your disposal.