Reiki is an ancient practice and is a safe and natural method to reduce stress and to provide the recipient with deep relaxation. Reiki is a technique using a light touch near or on the fully-clothed body of the recipient. My Life Coaching combines this ancient practice with current inquiry and tracking methods.

Reiki is not massage and the purpose is not to diagnose illness. It is a technique that draws on the body’s regenerative processes.

Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) is a Japanese term meaning universal life energy. Everything is connected by energy, even inanimate objects. Using this energy, Reiki works to improve healing and balance throughout the body and bring the mind and body into balance. Experiences after a Reiki session vary among recipients. Some experience deep relaxation for even a few days after the session.  Some feel drowsy, or warm and tingling. Others feel completely energized and ready to start a new project or engage in physical exercise.

I also accompany clients to their doctor’s appointments or medical facilities and give reiki during procedures which the client perceives as stressful. I provided reiki to a patient during a breast biopsy procedure at Convenient Care in Ithaca recently. Here is an email I received from the attending nurse. “I was amazed to see how Relaxed the patient became at the start of her procedure and how she maintained this feeling throughout. Most patients will flinch and experience some level of pain. She did not change her facial expression or tense up in any way! I feel reiki would be an asset to every single patient we see.” I will be happy to accompany you to your physician’s office or other medical facility should you find yourself facing a stressful procedure.

As a Reiki Master, I hold classes to teach nurses, massage therapists, caregivers and those who simply want to learn to perform this loving energy work. I incorporate and teach the ancient Egyptian system which uses twelve energy centers rather than seven. If you’ve been initiated to use only the seven chakras, studying with this system will enhance your practice and add a new level of understanding. In addition, on the third Thursday of each month you will find me at the Foundation of Light from 6:30 to 7:30 for a Reiki Share. The event is open to the community to learn about, experience and/or practice reiki. No previous reiki experience required. If you are a practitioner, all levels are welcome. You can to stay for all or part of the event.