Workplace Consulting

Overview of Archetypal Consulting in the Workplace

In a well-functioning workplace, you can view the environment symbolically, or archetypally, as a successful sports team. The playing field is level. Everyone knows their position. Teammates pass when necessary. There is a level of maturity. Everyone is aware of boundaries. Choices are made for the benefit of all with a goal in mind, and no one feels as if they are being taken advantage of.

What is being described here are the four Survival Archetypes: Child, Victim, Saboteur and Prostitute, and they are common to us all.  These four “players,” when used to empower us, help us to know when we are acting in alliance with what we know to be right. When in shadow, these Archetypes turn the playing field into a battlefield. At that point, we see the emergence of, not only the shadow side of the survival archetypes, but the shadow side of such Archetypal companions as the Martyr, Warrior, Femme Fatale, Queen, Destroyer, and more. Weaponry appears in the form of whatever the tools of the trade happen to be. Minor skirmishes become frequent. There is occasional sniper fire and short-lived cease fires.

The purpose of Archetypal Consulting in the workplace is to enable employees to see how they are actually losing power, rather than gaining power during times of struggle when employing the shadow side of their archetype. A light turns on, and healing begins. They regain their power, and the process of restoration in the office begins. Knowing and working with Archetypes accelerates the speed of change in the workplace and enriches the types of changes that occur.

Minor skirmishes are inevitable in the workplace, but once they get out of hand it can be difficult, but not impossible, to restore order. My objective in workplace consulting is to bring back a sense of teamwork and unity. Negative energy in a workplace can become rampant, and positive energy is just as contagious. Restoring a positive energy to the office through archetypal consulting is the ultimate goal.