EngineerWho doesn’t know (and love) the Engineer Archetype? They are steady, methodical, usually patient, and there isn’t a puzzle they won’t tackle, be it in the form of a spreadsheet, a mechanical device, or any one of life’s challenges. They know how to pace themselves.  They are fully engrossed with the task at hand. In the workplace or in the home, they are the reliable go-to person when you reach your limits with a computer problem or a badly tangled necklace chain. Issues that would drive others (like me) to distraction are a source of inspiration to these gifted individuals. We all need to express creativity in some form or another, and the Engineer expertly designs and delights in birthing resolutions to any dilemma. Are you beginning to appreciate this creative archetype?

The other side of the Engineer coin is someone who takes logic to the extreme and disregards human emotion. They cannot figure out why their spreadsheet clearly indicates this is the best house to buy, the right business partner to invest with, or the perfect venue for a vacation spot, and then reality says otherwise. Is the devil in the unseen details of unaccounted for emotions? In a word, yes. How the Engineer Archetype plays out in areas of one-to-one relationships, their spiritual life, or career can either be a blessing or a curse if they operate on auto pilot and disregard the emotional aspect of a situation.

As with all archetypes, the Engineer Archetype is best served by taking into consideration both it’s light and shadow side in order to see why and where it becomes either empowered or dis-empowered when interacting with other individuals or circumstances. My life is enriched by the Engineer Archetype, and they are vital to the smooth functioning gears of life’s puzzles.