Here is a quote from the ultrasonographer at a medical facility regarding the reiki I provided during a breast biopsy procedure. “I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed meeting you today. I was amazed to see how RELAXED, the patient became at the start of her procedure and how she maintained this feeling throughout. Most patients will flinch and experience some level of pain. She did not change her facial expression or tense up in any way! I feel this would be an asset to every single patient we see.” I also provided this wonderfully compassionate and skilled nurse with a few minutes of reiki so she could better understand the calming effect of this medically complementary modality. This was her response. “I was grateful to you also for letting me experience your gift of reiki! I felt a sense of warmth in your hands and tingling all the way to my toes, prompting me to realize how tense I had been holding my lower body. My feet some ten minutes later still feel warm and tingly.  Thank you again for sharing this with me.”

Tricia Bennett, Ultrasonographer


I started coaching sessions with Margaret because there was an area of my life that was causing stress for me and affecting those around me.  She helped me understand what was perceived as a problem was actually one of the gifts I was born with, and the real challenge was in taking steps to ensure I was serving from a place that kept my spirit full enough to give. Using her vast knowledge in many areas to guide me, I feel I have been awakened to areas of myself I didn’t know existed, and I’m already seeing improvement. The last 5 weeks working with Margaret have been transformative.

Sales Director in Fingerlakes Area


Wow!  Thank you so much!  You are an amazing coach!  I now know I don’t have to stay stuck because you’ve giving me the tools I need to move on with my life. I will forever be grateful because I found  YOU through working here!!!

Sales Manager in California health industry


I attended one of Margaret’s introductory workshops on behavioral patterns, not having any background in how they affect our lives every day.  By the end of the one hour interactive presentation, I had an understanding of my own personal patterns and could clearly see how I have been giving away my power (read: wasting energy) for a long time.  I left with tools that I could (and did) apply immediately.  A few days after the workshop, an opportunity presented itself for me to get involved at a community event but it required me picking up the phone to make a call.  I hesitated, giving myself excuses for passing up the opportunity, then remembered what I had learned with Margaret.  I made the call and got involved- just like that!  It seems so simple, but being able to recognize why I was hesitating and realize I was sacrificing power gave me the courage to move forward in my business.

Dr. Claire Petersen
SeaChange Family Chiropractic
Ithaca, NY


Thank you very much for providing your Reiki Services to the M&T Bank Staff at the Triphammer Branch.  When I was faced with providing a gift for each of my employees for Employee Appreciation Week and your corporate sample Reiki Sessions were the perfect fit!  I received very positive feedback from my employees – they felt the stress relief immediately and many said they found the session to be both calming and relaxing!  At least one of my staff members is interested in using your services for a family member who could use relief from anxiety!

Thank you for your professional services and for giving me the opportunity to provide my employees with a unique and enjoyable employee appreciation gift/experience…you are awesome!

Kellyann O’Mara
Vice President
M&T Bank, Ithaca, NY


I recently had my first Reiki session with Margaret.  I had never had Reiki before, and the experience was so much more beneficial than I ever expected.  Margaret created a warm and comforting space where I was able to get in touch with my soul in a very profound way.   I experienced a series of visions and emotions that helped me to release blockages and heighten my awareness.  While many people seem to experience a more relaxed state, for me it was more like a spiritual awakening!  The effects of my Reiki session with Margaret will stay with me for life, and I highly recommend her exceptional ability to channel energy.

Elaine Derby
Elaine Derby Photography



Growing a business can be really stressful. For me, there has been a lot of “putting out fires” lately.

I have had three sessions with Margaret over the past several weeks to counteract the stress.The sessions with Margaret greatly relieved my stress and helped me to relax. The effect of her energy work was a deep peace that lasted for days. Margaret channels healing, relaxing energy.

Margaret is a wonderful, warm and caring practitioner. I will definitely go to her again, and I strongly recommend her services for anyone experiencing stress.

Kathryn Russell
Little Voices Music & Motion
Little Voices Music & Motion on Facebook


I recently had a Reiki session with Margaret.  During the session I felt heat coming out of her hands while they were over my heart chakra as the energy began to move in my body.  Several images came to me during the session.  I found great comfort in the session and for a long time afterwards.  It was profoundly relaxing.

Ms. Snow shared  information that had come to her after the session that was spot on.  I applied this to my daily life and now have greater ease in my stomach.  This is a welcome relief to me!

Margaret does beautiful energetic work.  Her office space is warm and welcoming, while being very professional.  I’ve had Reiki sessions before, but Margaret provides something extra in her ability hold sacred space in which to work. I highly recommend her services.

Susan Norton
Ithaca, NY