BeggarThe archetypal pattern of the Beggar is an individual who is in a depleted state, either materially, spiritually, or emotionally, and lives in a fairly constant state of asking for “handouts” whether literally or symbolically. They live, energetically, in a place of want, even if material needs are met, and they ask you to give them some of your strength to make up for their perceived powerlessness. They may be living in emotional poverty, “begging” us for love, acceptance, attention or authority.

An individual may find themselves a Beggar through loss, which causes them to confront pride and being faced with the judgment by others that they are inferior or worthless. This poverty leads the Beggar to let go of all illusions, hopes and ambitions and opens them up to the freedom and enlightenment that arises.

The Beggar is an archetype that requires a person to confront self-empowerment, beginning with physical survival. Their lesson in working with this archetypal pattern is to learn about generosity and self esteem.

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