Perhaps more than any other Archetype, the Dilettante is susceptible to frustration regarding the seemingly elusive “life purpose.” It’s meaning is taken from the Latin root Dilettante“to delight in,” and a true dilettante takes pleasure in an ever increasing variety of forms of art. They may, before mastering a particular medium, become bored with it and move on to the next delight. Hence, they are often described as a “jack of all trades and master of none.”

You can easily see that having a life pattern with so many varied interests and passions, however brief, will cause those with the Dilettante Archetype to wonder if they will ever light on their true purpose in life. I’ve addressed the subject of life purpose in another blog article, but for now let me say that the notion of one true passion or purpose in your life is largely misconstrued. The Dilettante need not fear.

In its shadow form, this archetypal pattern can alert you to superficiality in whatever it is that you pursue, or a tendency to feign a broader knowledge on a subject than you possess.

If the Dilettante is one of your twelve archetypes, look at the positive aspects and take joy in the variety that helps define your life.

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