workplaceDoes your office feel like Groundhog Day, with the same negative patterns playing out over and over, day after day? When we talk about archetypal patterns in our business environment, we are thinking astrologically of the sixth house of routine, job and ritual and/or the tenth house of highest potential, relationship to authority and career. Knowing yourself and which of your archetypes are active in your office can make or break your performance and the performance of your staff. My sixth house archetype is enthusiastic and a lover of the artistic value of my profession, and combines with my tenth house rebel archetype that loves change and can’t wait to bring a fresh idea or new procedures to the environment.

At best, these patterns serve to motivate others with contagious spontaneity. If not tempered, this duo can frighten the hermit archetype, who needs seclusion and calm to bring out their creativity and anger the queen/king archetypes who, in shadow, need to be in charge. It’s taken me several years, and the study of archetypal patterns, to know how to use the powerful side of what I’ve been born with to understand how drama can be avoided in my work life when participating¬†in teams. It may very well be that I was not destined to work on a team under certain circumstances with particular archetypes. Evaluation of each archetypal office relationship is important, even vital, to the overall health of a project.

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